Department of Mathematics

NameMr. K. R. Pathmasiri
Official Telephone No. +94-11-7601860
Official Fax No.

Staff of the Department

NameDesignationEmail Address
Miss. M.N.P. PeirisSenior
Mr. G.P.H.J. KumaraSenior Lecturer
Mr. S. RajendramSenior
Mr. C. SutheshanAssistant Lecturer
Mr. P. VijaikumarAssistant Lecturer
Mrs. K.K.V.S. KankanamgeAssistant Lecturer
Mrs. K.N. SenaniTechnical Asst. I
Mr. S. HettiarachchiManagement Assistant - I
Mr. R.M. RupasingheOffice Aide II

Our Publications & Out puts

Geometry - 1 (Sinhala & Tamil)

Geometry - I (Sinhala & Tamil)

A Basic course for beginners in G.C.E. A/L Mathematics. (Sinhala/Tamil/English)

Teacher Training Manual - I in G.C.E. A/L Combined Mathematics

Mathematics Resource book - "Iganum Gonuwa"

Resource book (21 Units) - Grade 12 & 13, Combined Mathematics (Sinhala, Tamil & English)

Maths Easy - Number(Sinhala & Tamil )

Maths Easy - Measurements (Sinhala & Tamil )

Maths Easy - Algebra (Sinhala & Tamil )

Maths Easy - Geometry (Sinhala & Tamil )

Maths Easy - Sets & Probability (Sinhala & Tamil )

Maths Easy - Statistics (Sinhala & Tamil )

Algebra - A/L (Sinhala & Tamil )

Probability & Statistics - A/L (Sinhala & Tamil)

Our Activities (2016)

Strengthening teaching learning process to increase Ordinary Level pass rate of Mathematics.

Preparation of supportive materials for students.

Strengthening the implemented supportive programs.

Conduct interventional programs in selected two divisions.

Project Leader:- Mr. G. L. Karunaratna.

Mr. C. Sutheson.

Curriculum rationalization and capacity building of ISAA - Mathematics - Grade 6 - 11.

Preparation of Teachers' Guide for Grade 9.

Capacity building program for ISAA, Subject Directors and Mentors.

Conduct studies to monitor and evaluate the rationalized curriculum at Grade 6 and 10.

Project Leader:-Mr. G. P. H. Jagath Kumara.

Mr. C. Sutheson.

Curriculum rationalization of Mathematics - Grade 12 and 13.

Preparation of Teachers' Guide for Grade 13.

Capacity building program Advanced Level Teachers.

A study on compare Sri Lankan Mathematics syllabus with 3 selected countries.

Popularization of Mathematics among students.

Improve research competencies of NIE Mathematics officers.

Preparation of video for Advanced Level Combined Mathematics.

Project Leader:-Mr. S. Rajendram.

Ms. M. G. D. A. Siriwardene.

Advanced certificate course for the teaching Mathematics

Conducting Advanced certificate course - 2015 - 1st Batch.

Preparation of training materials.

Conducting Advanced certificate course - 2016 - 2nd Batch.

Project Leader:-Ms. M. N. P. Peiris.

Mr. P. Vijaikumar.

National Forum on Mathematics Education.

Preparation of programs.

Gathering relevant information.

Preparing a magazine.

Organizing the National Forum.

Project Leader:- Ms. K. K. V. S. Kankanamge.

Mr. C.Sutheson.


A remadial programme for the enhancement of Mathematics Education Grade 6 (Sinhala & English)

Evaluation on Grade 6 & 11 existing Mathematics Curriculum.

Study on Grade 9 Students perception on Mathematics & learning of Mathematics (Pending)